Bringing Azure Automation to Your On-Premises Environment

Microsoft’s Azure Preview Portal offers a number of additional automation features as compared to the standard management portal. The most interesting to me of these Preview Portal features is the ability to provision Hybrid Runbook Workers (“HRW”) that allow your automation tasks to span both Azure and on-premises systems. For some environments, Azure Automation could even be a replacement...

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Salesforce Data Visibility

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” Many years ago, I was negotiating a contract with a lawyer who said to me, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”  From his perspective, the lawyer wanted to protect his client by defining good customer service in as much detail as possible. Since this contract was our standard boiler plate agreement, used hundreds of times for several years, I was not really...

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Technology Transformation is Not Always the Silver Bullet

It has become a general trend that banks continue to enhance their existing product offerings by upgrading their technology platforms for a better user experience. Many would equate such technology upgrades to “transformation.” These replacements or upgrades are commonly perceived by banks to be the solutions for customer attrition, below average customer experience, and to keep up with...

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Fitness Tracking: Healthcare’s Best Friend

At the start of January, most people subscribed to the common mantra: New Year, New You. But, now that the month is winding down, how many are still sticking to their goals – be it weight loss, general fitness, or just eating a bit healthier? As a provider or payer, how can you to bolster support and keep your population’s momentum going through the remainder of the year?…

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The Changing Face of Consumer Goods: The Impact of Technology

As an Industrial Engineer with a background in research and an interest in supply chains, I have been keeping abreast of recent retail and distribution news like some people keep up with pop culture. In particular, my interests lie in tracking how technology is changing the face of consumer goods. It goes without saying that over the past decade, the effect of technology on the state of the...

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Business System Complexities and What To Do About It

Business System Complexities and What To Do About It Business systems are complex, only becoming more complex, and as such the management of the associated identities has spiraled out-of-control for many Enterprise organizations.  Additionally, it is increasingly more challenging to protect the type of devices that access Enterprise data.  Over the years, this has culminated in business unit...

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Contact Center Transformation: From Strategy to Inception

West Monroe Partner’s High Performance Contact Center team recently conducted a half-day workshop at the ICMI Contact Center Demo and Conference in Chicago.  We demonstrated how you can transform your contact center from the ground up – from organizational design, to reworking operations and strategy, to the technology and processes that support your goals. …

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Measuring Customer Effort: Key Steps to Drive Customer Experience Success

In many customer-centric organizations, the customer service mantra has historically read: “The customer is always right.” Successful customer experience innovation requires understanding what your customers want and your business needs from the value exchange. This requires acknowledging that not all customers are created equal. The new manta for CX success needs to read: “The customer is...

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A Workaround for Column Security in the SQL Server Analysis Services BISM Tabular Model

An often needed feature in the SSAS BISM Tabular Model is the ability to restrict users from viewing certain columns.  Perspectives enable a better user experience but are not meant to be used as a security feature, as users can still access the underlying cube.  Tabular models enable flexible row filtering, but do not provide any functionality for column or perspective security.…

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Terminating Water in Detroit: Poor Business Practices Lead to Human Rights Allegations

Last week, three United Nations experts responded to appeals from Detroit residents that terminating water service for nonpayment is a violation of the human right to water. Delinquency is not an issue unique to Detroit; many municipally-owned water utilities struggle to keep customer accounts current. As the United States’ water infrastructure ages and is upgraded through costly programs...

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