Four Reasons Manufacturers & Distributors Must Play the Digital Long Game

When people think about digital innovation today they often think of the consumer market. While most of the press goes to all the great products hitting the market, social media, and the rise of the digital native, there is a quiet revolution going on in manufacturing and distribution. I think the recent commercial by GE about a programmer getting hired by GE really nails the current thinking...

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Acquire or Hire? Taking UX to the Next Level in Financial Services

History has taught us that organizations are better equipped in the marketplace when they focus on their core competency. Banks have historically focused on providing checking and savings account products, credit and lending services, and everything else in between. Today, core banking products are getting more and more difficult to differentiate from bank to bank.  …

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Pardot Part 2: Automating Qualification of Prospects

It’s Thursday! Let’s kick-off the “second best day of the work week” with Part 2 of our Pardot mini-series. As discussed last week, we like to break marketing automation into three main buckets: Intelligence (tracking behavior), Automation (identifying and prioritizing) and Advanced Workflow (integrating with business process). Last week we discussed how Pardot can help you identify your...

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Using Knowledge Management in Your Contact Center

Contact centers traditionally hold a reputation for being an organization’s “catch all,” receiving customer contacts that range from inquiries to requests to complaints.  Contact centers receive not only all types of customer contacts but must also support all departments within an organization, from product, to marketing, to logistics to billing. The wide variety of contacts and the...

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Next Generation: Voice of the Customer

Firms have an unprecedented ability to listen to and understand changing customer needs. Advanced technologies turn unstructured social media posts or contact center transcripts into meaningful and actionable insights. Predictive analytics hone the noise of billions of interactions into signals that can help firms avoid scaling costly mistakes and tap into emerging opportunities.…

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Predicting the Future: What an Engineer from the 1900s Can Teach Us About Customer Experience Today

In the early 1900s, a gentleman by the name of John Elfreth Watkins Jr. penned an article for Ladies’ Home Journal, titled “What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years”.  As a civil engineer working for American railroads at the dawn of a new century, it was fitting that Watkins would take an interest in the technological advances that might shape America’s productivity landscape.…

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Project Siena – A Hidden Gem of Ignite

Project Siena – A Hidden Gem of Ignite

Often in life, the things we enter into with no expectations turn out to be the most interesting. Such was my experience with Project Siena. During Microsoft Ignite 2015, my colleagues and I attended a session on Project Siena because our initial seminar choice was full. I entered the seminar having never even heard of Project Siena; I left inspired and very impressed.…

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Scaling to Big Data: Organizational Considerations, and Why You Should be Thinking of Small Data

Preparing organizations to handle big data is a hot topic these days. But there are a few considerations before your organization should go there. First, ask yourself why. Many organizations are getting caught up in the hype without fully thinking of the broader implications to the enterprise data architecture. Secondly, ask yourself who – specifically does your organization have the right...

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Salesforce Version Control: It’s a Challenge

Version control, for most developers, is an absolute must in any professional setting. Many developers would say as much for any development scenario, professional or otherwise. However, in the face of budgets, deadlines, learning curves, and just plain laziness, it’s tempting to forgo the effort for “more productive” efforts like the coding itself.…

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Is There Anything Gmail Can’t Do?

I keep my life on Gmail. It is the holder of my important calendar dates, storage of my most important photos, and the chat resource for YouTube cover songs needing immediate attention from my spread out friends. Gmail is entering into a new space now, too. As a banking consultant, I find myself conflicted about this transition of theirs.…

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