Latest News Around Clean Power Plan

There has been a lot of media attention surrounding the Clean Power Plan. Here is a round-up of some of the most important industry related news and how it may impact you. Ameren Missouri Responds to CPP with Plans to Build Natural Gas Plants If finalized, the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan will require many utilities to shift their power generation investments and operations.…

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Clean Power Plan: State Targets for State Plans

The EPA proposed Clean Power Plan rule is premised on a straight-forward concept: to identify the best system of emission reductions (BSER) that can be implemented to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants. To the EPA, the BSER is composed of the four building blocks of the Plan: Improve the heat rates at existing fossil fuel plants.…

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Clean Air Act: A “Game-Changer” in Electric Power Industry

Section 111, 42 U.S.C. 7411, of the Clean Air Act authorizes the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop regulations for categories of pollutant emissions that cause or significantly contribute to air pollution. The regulations apply to new sources without regard to location or existing state or local air quality. Section 111(d) of the Act requires states to develop plans for...

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Defining Sustainability: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page

There are many different definitions of sustainability in the marketplace. From organizations to academia, everyone is building a definition on this topic. These definitions range from the intersection of environmental, social and economic responsibility to developing the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.…

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Operational Savings Through Sustainability

We often think that sustainability means placing a couple of recycling bins in our break rooms and including anecdotes in our email signatures that urge people to consider the environment before printing messages. While those things help to divert waste from our landfills and increase awareness about the use of resources, true sustainability in the manufacturing and distribution industry...

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Clean Air Act: Maintaining and strengthening relationships with regulators & policy makers will be more important now than ever

Recently adopted and proposed federal environmental regulations can have potentially far-reaching effects on State-level planning and policy making, particularly for states that rely heavily on fossil fuels for energy production and use. These regulations can also add significantly to the costs of doing business in that state. While emission standards for criteria pollutants under the Clean...

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City of Naperville issues a voluntary demand response event – Is this the new utility customer engagement model?

From 3pm to 7pm today (Tuesday, July 22, 2014), the City of Naperville has asked its electric customers to voluntarily reduce their energy consumption. By doing so, the City hopes to reduce the amount they’ll pay their electricity supplier in peak demand charges this month. More details and energy-savings tips are available on the City’s website here.…

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Whose responsibility is sustainability?

When thinking about applying sustainable concepts across industries, I find myself wondering who is responsible for implementing changes to make sustainability the “new norm.” Is it the individual, the corporation or the government that should drive changes to our fundamental operations so that more than economics are considered when making decisions?…

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Detecting Underground Leaks as the Value of Water Rises

From watershed to water glass, water flows so freely into American homes and work places that it is easy to take for granted all of the steps involved in delivering clean water. The ease of supply also hides a fragile and “at risk” delivery system. Attention to the delivery system is urgently needed to fix aging infrastructure and automate the control and monitoring.…

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Investors Begin the Push for Natural Capital Transparency

As reported by the New York Times Exxon Mobil recently agreed to inform investors of the risks carbon emission limits would have on their business. This agreement comes in response to a resolution submitted by a group of shareholders from the corporate responsibility advocacy group, “As You Sow.” This is part of a growing trend of shareholder groups urging companies to be more transparent...

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