Leveraging Open Source Technology to Deliver eBooks in Rwanda

Earlier this year I was privileged to work with the ‘Library For All‘ non-profit team out of New York to deliver a secure reader application to families all across Rwanda. I have built Learning Management Systems (LMS) for institutions around the world over the course of my career, but this particular project gave me a deeper appreciation for the reach you can achieve with mobile...

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What You Need to Know about Identity Access Management

Identity and access management – the process of ensuring the right people have the right access to information – should be a key component of any organization’s security infrastructure. A sound IAM approach will not only help protect your sensitive data, it will also save you time and money. However, implementation challenges such as business system complexities, lack of defined user roles and...

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Data for Good: Tackling the Open Data Movement

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend O’Reilly’s Strata Conference as a representative of West Monroe’s Advanced Analytics team. Strata focuses on trends in Big Data and Analytics, two of the hottest topics in the technology world today. At Strata, I was exposed to emerging Big Data architectures and design patterns, and had the chance to meet passionate and influential technologists in...

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Hyperconverged Integrated Systems, Simply

  The traditional data center infrastructure is comprised of discrete realms (compute, storage, network, etc.) each with discrete appliances (servers, SANs, switches). As a result of the inherent dissimilarities found in traditional infrastructure builds, you end up with equally dissimilar management interfaces even within a particular realm. For example, EMC and NetApp SANs, or Dell and...

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How to Create a Copy of a Production Instance in Dynamics CRM Online

Many of our clients have recently expressed the need to update their Sandbox instance to match the data in their Production instance.  Having the same data represented in both environments and in sync is crucial to consultants, developers, and clients alike.  Working in our client’s production instances is typically not a best practice, so we often design and test in sandbox before moving into...

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Forcelandia: A Salesforce Developers Mini-Dreamforce

The Portland Salesforce Developer Group recently hosted the first (of what I hope are many to come) Forcelandia event on July 23rd. This event exceeded all my expectations and felt more like a hands-on mini-Dreamforce event rather than a Salesforce Developer Group Meetup. The event attracted approximately 60 attendees, along with another 10-15 event organizers, Salesforce employees, Salesforce...

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Identity and Access Management – The Cart or The Horse?

In my experiences with identity and access management (IAM) projects, there is always a moment when you begin having a “Are we putting the cart before the horse?” conversation.  This is particularly the case when you are, in parallel, having a conversation about how to “enable” IAM in the environment by either redesigning your current implementation of Windows Server Active Directory, creating...

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Tips on supercharging your ETL

We live in the era of big data explosion with data volumes growing at exponential pace.  At the same time data driven organizations increasingly demand more real time data availability. Given these trends, ETL performance is quickly gaining business importance. Let’s look at a few approaches that could be considered to maximize performance of data processing.…

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ARIN IPv4 Address Exhaustion… Keep Calm and Internet On

“No, the sky is most certainly NOT falling,” is my typical response to any question regarding the exhaustion of our IP version 4 (IPv4) public address pool. With ARIN (the Regional Internet Registry responsible for managing IP address allocations in North America) likely to issue its remaining IPv4 address space in the next few days, we can only expect this event will come with plenty of fan...

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Security Buzzwords – What’s the difference?

Data breaches are on the rise and experts forecast that that trend will continue (Experian – Data Breach Industry Forecast). With increased news coverage, Information security is no longer confined to the IT department.  Business partners and C-Level executives are now asking questions and want to know if their company is prepared.  …

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