Emerging BI applications easily enable data discovery and visualization on any device

If you’ve been happily working in Microsoft SQL and Excel for your business intelligence and reporting solutions, you may not have had much motivation to look at the offerings outside of the Microsoft stack. But if you find that not everyone wants to work in Excel, or that Reporting Services and Power BI (including Power View) disappoints when it comes to rich visualizations or ease of use...

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Notes from the CRONET Team

The evolution of massively scalable, multi-faceted, cloud based infrastructure solutions (think Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and others), has enabled an unprecedented amount of functionality to our clients. Even better, these solutions come at a cost structure unheard of even just a few years ago. Their ease of provisioning and deployment and their extremely low barrier to entry...

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Heartbleed bug exposes millions of online services to security risks

Heartbleed bug exposes millions of online services to security risks

Credit: heartbleed.com This week, researchers from Codenomicon and Google Security publicly disclosed a critical bug in the OpenSSL cryptographic software package used by millions of internet connected services.  This weakness, referred to as the Heartbleed bug, allows anyone on the Internet to steal information from vulnerable systems by exploiting a protocol designed to ensure the security...

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Data analysis with Predixion Analytics

I’m taking a class to learn about this new field of data science, and one of the most interesting things I’ve been exposed to so far is a program called Predixion Insight. The documentation to learn how to use the tool is pretty useful and it quickly demonstrates how you can use the tool to predict factors that are necessary for determining hospital re-admittance probabilities.…

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Poor Change Management Leads to Dropbox Dropping Services

Over the weekend a company many of us are familiar with landed on the front page for the wrong reasons again, this time likely due to insufficient internal IT policies and procedures.  Last Friday, Dropbox’s service went down, affecting some users for up to 2 days.  Dropbox announced in an excellent post-mortem write-up the outage was due to a bug in a routine server upgrade that was...

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Hits Keep on Coming: High Availability & Disaster Recovery at Healthcare.gov

When it comes to the IT challenges of the new Healthcare.gov Healthcare Exchange, the hits keep on coming.  Over the weekend, the healthcare.gov hosting vendor, Terremark (a subsidiary of Verizon), “experienced a failure in a networking component” and the attempted fix crashed the system.  The failure is in the “Data Services Hub,” which connects the exchange to other...

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From Cars to Hospitals: Lean Processes in Healthcare

During one of my first consulting engagements, my client had a penchant for veering off topic.  So naturally when she brought up her black belt in Lean Six Sigma, I assumed she was about to share her interests in martial arts.   During my time in the hospital as a medical student and surgical resident, I had never heard of Lean processes, let alone Lean Six Sigma. …

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Can you handle a million new users?

“At lower volumes, it would work fine. At higher volumes, it has problems.” This quote is illustrative of many of the issues facing IT managers and teams as they work to scale their systems and platforms. Often, a system that works properly during the normal course of business is unable to handle a sudden influx of new users or potential customers.…

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