Maximizing your Workforce Performance

For any operation, Engineered Labor Standards (ELS) provide a tool for you to benchmark how well your operation can perform.  The challenge for any operator is answering the question on “how” to achieve that level of performance.  Engineered Labor Standards require both the building of the standards and the ability to execute on those standards.…

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3 Quick Checks to Ensure You Start Your Project Off Right

Whether the next project you are involved in is slated to last a single week or multiple years, there is little doubt that the tone and pace of the project is set when the groups involved meet for the first time as a team.  This kickoff meeting is the time when introductions are made, questions are asked, and initial plans are set. …

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Key ERP decisions facing Global M&A

Today many medium and small businesses are selling products in a global economy and employing a global workforce.  Many of those businesses have outsourced key functions to meet customer demands and keep costs low. Your software development team might be in Hyderabad, India, your procurement department may reside in Bratislava, Slovakia or you may be running a ‘Maquiladora’ free trade zone...

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The Case for a Truly Discrete Labor Standard

In a recent DCVelocity article titled “5 ways to cut DC costs”, five options for reducing costs in a distribution operation were discussed. While all were great options for any decision maker to consider, there is a sixth option that I believe stands out from the rest. The cost of labor in most distribution centers today constitutes 65% or more of the total operating costs associated with...

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Operational Savings Through Sustainability

We often think that sustainability means placing a couple of recycling bins in our break rooms and including anecdotes in our email signatures that urge people to consider the environment before printing messages. While those things help to divert waste from our landfills and increase awareness about the use of resources, true sustainability in the manufacturing and distribution industry...

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West Monroe Helps the Furniture Bank in More Ways Than One

West Monroe Partners’ “1+1+1” initiative was designed to encourage employees to give back to their local communities with the goal of donating at least 1% of our time to community engagement, 1% of our profit to charities and 1% of our talent for pro-bono work. A great example of this initiative in action is our Columbus office’s work for the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. …

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Improve Customer Experience via Product Transparency

How companies can improve their customer experience by sharing their “secret sauce” Let’s face it, do you really know what you’re eating? Sure, the list of ingredients on the back of your yogurt or cereal may provide additional context, but many people find ingredient information unhelpful or even confusing. In a recent Consumer Reports study and USA Today article, two-thirds of Americans...

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Do you fully understand the causes of idle time in your operation?

For any operations management team trying to “do more with less”, it is very important to understand not just the productive time, but also the unproductive or idle time that is present in their operations. Idle time takes many forms, but in too many operations it is “tracked” or grouped together in one generic bucket that does little for those who are trying to manage it proactively.…

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How does your incentive program stack up?

Your distribution center has a warehouse management system (WMS) for inventory management, you are using radio frequency (RF) or voice functionality for accuracy during direct labor functions, and you have a discrete labor management system (LMS) to accurately track productivity. As a manager, the next logical step to leverage your investment in the WMS and LMS as well as empowering your...

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