2012 Election Results Reinforces Criticality of Customer Experience in Healthcare

With Tuesday’s election results one thing is clear: regardless of an individual’s political alignment and preference, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) is here to stay.  One direct area of impact is the continuation of the planning and implementation for government sponsored public health insurance exchanges.  Thus, health insurance in the U.S. will continue to undergo a major transition from an employer sponsored payer model to one that shifts much more of the insurance policy purchase decision-making to the individual.  Since these PPACA requirements will increase eligible membership in the individual and small group markets, along with the increased purchasing power of individual healthcare consumers, the concept of being customer-centric is gaining significant traction and investment in the healthcare industry.

Both healthcare payers and providers are reorganizing their business models in order to better acquire, service, and retain the growing pool of enlightened and empowered consumers, leading to the increasing importance of optimizing the customer experience.  In addition, with the mandate of public health insurance exchanges a retail-like environment is being created where shopping for healthcare will be similar to shopping for financial or travel services.  We invite you to read our West Monroe Partners point of view on this shift,Customer Experience is Critical to Healthcare Differentiation that shares more of our insights on this important issue.

Dave Nash, Director-Customer Experience

Will Hinde, Director-Healthcare Payer

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