Do These 3 Things to Future Proof Your Contact Center Today!

Do These 3 Things to Future Proof Your Contact Center Today!

The future is coming fast. You may not have the budget in 2017 to update your technology to the latest and greatest, but if you did, would you even be ready for it?

  1. Hire for typing and writing skills
    In addition to the skills you currently hire for (and I hope you have a formal list) move writing and typing up the priority list. As contact centers embrace the move towards omni-channel your agents need to be prepared. This means they need to be articulate through the words and messages they send electronically. Auto-correct has aided in poor spelling but grammar is essential. Obviously, having both is ideal. SMS and chat features are just the start. Social media will also begin to infiltrate your contact center soon (if it hasn’t already) and having agents know the difference between “your” and “you’re” on the social media stage is something you should be thinking about.
  2. Pick your operational metrics and start measuring them
    If you’re measuring KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) but have a low level of confidence in the accuracy of the numbers, fix it. If someone in your organization is pulling your KPIs together manually, fix it. Moving into the future without quantifiable data will make it impossible for you to put together a meaningful business case. Lacking historical data, you won’t know if your business is improving, stagnating or declining. West Monroe Partners has done fantastic work with our clients to automate the aggregation of your data from multiple sources to provide customized dashboards which are easy to deploy for your contact center. You could be up and running before 2017.
  3. Get your CSAT situation in order
    If you aren’t measuring CX (Customer Experience), you aren’t doing CX. I’m not saying you need perfect 10s to be future proof but you need to be embarking on getting helpful feedback from your customers. I have had clients pull out effort from their more common journeys and realized CSAT gains within six months. Relationship surveys are one thing, but are you doing transactional surveys? Do you have listening posts setup for your important customer journeys? Without understanding the pain points your customers have when interfacing with your company, how do you prioritize budget for improvements? Or do you not care?

My team and I truly enjoy working with companies to think strategically and then implement effectively. Get future proofed today.

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