The 5 Golden Rules of Customer Experience

The 5 Golden Rules of Customer Experience

With CX Day 2016 upon us, I cannot help but reflect on the evolution of the CX market, its practitioners and the customers we serve. Having spent nearly 20 years consulting, I always listen to the music — hearing the themes and issues facing my clients and the market. This year’s music brought forth “5 Golden Rules of CX”. Tenets to provide a simple, clear gut check.

A gut check on: How well are we doing our work? How might we evolve quicker? How do we leave a legacy of change and impact? Enjoy.

  1. If you aren’t measuring CX, you aren’t doing CX: As refreshing as the ice bucket challenge. Many still profess to do CX work, and there is goodness in that. But ultimately, if you cannot prove it or your impact to customers, stakeholders, and executives – it’s not a sustainable platform.
  2. To start, intentionally design experiences; to break through intentionally design your organization for CX: Upshot here CX is not UX. Don’t confuse or contort the two. Both require design thinking, but successful CX is about organizational design and operational execution.
  3. Change culture by changing the way you spend money and allocate resources: There’s a chorus in the music I hear about getting CX to stick—to become part of the DNA. I believe culture change is the outcome of the how money and resources are allocated. I recommend focusing on this, and building the case for change at an operational level – with success the culture will follow.
  4. Work the Diagonal – influence up, down and across silos: Influence is three dimensional, and practice around CX requires knowing and understanding the feedback coming from the front line. Aim to educate up to the CEO and Board, while working across teams and barriers within the company.
  5. Connect customer journeys to business processes to achieve operational efficiency: Wow, how’s that for business jargon? Yet each word has a purpose. Connect the journey from outside through to your operations. Business processes are the link to drive impact to customers and your bottom line. Operational efficiency is often forgotten, replaced by the grandeur of top line growth. CFOs are becoming more involved in CX programs and governance, not only is this rule a leading practice, it will resonate with financial minds.

What music will you hear in 2017? How will you respond?

Join the conversation as we celebrate #CXDay today (and every day).

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