5 Reasons to be Excited for the Salesforce Spring ’17 Release

5 Reasons to be Excited for the Salesforce Spring ’17 Release

Salesforce does a great job responding to their user’s feedback and needs and have incorporated a number of those user requests. The Spring ’17 Release is no different, in fact they may be setting the bar even higher! From enhancing the customer service experience to having Artificial Intelligence predict the value of an opportunity – Salesforce is making it easier for users to get the most of their CRM. Below are the 5 changes we’re most excited about here at WMP.

  1. LiveMessage

Salesforce LiveMessage allows for contact center representatives to respond to incoming service requests through both SMS messaging and Facebook Messenger. LiveMessage conversations appear as they do on Facebook in tabs along the bottom that agents can open and close while navigating throughout the org. When an agent accepts an incoming message, Intelligent Screen Pop displays a quick screen view of the customer’s information which allows the agent to give quick, personalized attention to the customer and their service request. Another great feature that can assist in an agent’s personalization of a customer’s service experience via LiveMessage is that past message transcripts can be stored in a custom object and activity records. This will help enhance a customer’s experience by giving the agent access to past records of issues and how they were resolved without having the customer repeat their history each time they message in with an issue.

LiveMessage was previously managed by HeyWire, a company acquired by Salesforce in September of 2016. To start using LiveMessage to enhance your Service Cloud experience for not only your customers, but also your customer service representatives call HeyWire’s 800 number or visit their website and submit a request. Capabilities can be available the day of activation.

  1. Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is built-in Artificial Intelligence that can help users get even more out of their Salesforce CRM platform. Some enhanced capabilities available with Salesforce Einstein include connecting your email and calendar to Salesforce allowing Einstein to automatically connect with related records, scoring leads on a scale of 1-99 based on how likely they are to convert and notifying a user when a deal is anticipated to close or have further opportunities, proactively resolving Service Cloud cases, and creating predictive journeys in Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Einstein can also be used to help users build AI-powered apps. Salesforce currently has two Trailhead modules available to learn how their Einstein AI works and how to fully utilize all of its capabilities.

  1. Lightning Service Console

The Service Console is now available in beta version for Lightning. It comes in a preconfigured three-column page layout with Related Records, Related Lists, and a Knowledge sidebar. Even though it is preconfigured, it can still be customized to fit your needs. One important takeaway is certain features that are available in the Salesforce Classic Console are not yet available in the Lighting Service Console. If you already have Service Cloud, Salesforce is providing the Lighting Service Console as an out-of-the-box app that can be found in App Launcher.

  1. Using reCAPTCHA for Web-to-Case form validation

Google’s reCAPTCHA prevents spambots from submitting Web-to-Case forms so service agents should no longer have to sift through spam forms and can focus on customer cases that actually require their attention. reCAPTCHA requires a customer check a box saying they are not a robot before submitting their case. Without this functionality, past implementations could essentially be made completely inefficient through spamming by bots. To enable this feature, your FORCE.com domain must be registered on the Google reCAPTCHA website to receive a key pair. This key pair will then be entered in the Salesforce Web-to-Case HTML Generator and the HTML generated can then be added to your website where your customers can create cases.

  1. Add up to 50 products to an opportunity at once

Opportunity Products in Lightning Experience makes adding products to an opportunity exponentially easier. A user can now perform multiple searches without losing their previous product selections, add and remove multiple products at once, and return to add additional products without losing specific line item changes already made. These benefits help to significantly reduce time spent entering opportunities with multiple products associated to each. This is only available in the Lighting Experience.

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