A Conversation about Inclusion and Diversity: Making it Real

A Conversation about Inclusion and Diversity: Making it Real

Over the past year, we’ve tackled several big issues as part of our Inclusion and Diversity article series: unconscious bias, equality of networking opportunities in and out of the office, the value of employee resource groups, and integration of talent at the senior level. Now, as we are into our third year of this conversation, I want to respond to one of the most common questions we hear from our people: What should I be doing on a regular basis to make inclusion real?

While programs and training can set the tone, creating an inclusive workplace is something that each one of us has the power to influence. And in my view, this is not just about making the workplace inclusive for people of diverse demographics; it is about making the workplace inclusive for everyone. That includes anyone who may feel like an outsider—the new person, the person from a different practice or office, the person on the phone, or the introvert—in a workplace setting.

We’ve also heard direct feedback from people across the firm that they are seeking some tangible ways they can help: how can individuals move the needle to build an inclusive culture during their everyday interactions with their colleagues and clients? With that in mind, this quarter’s article includes a few simple things anyone can do on a day-to-day basis to make those around them feel included and like insiders rather than outsiders. I’m also joined by Ragan White, senior manager in our Financial Services practice and project manager of our I&D strategic initiative for 2019. She provides some perspective on what she’s seen be effective as she works with clients and project team members on a daily basis.

To make it easy to practice inclusion on a day to day basis, I’d also like to share this printable one-pager with our top tips and tricks. I’ve hung this at my desk as a reminder to make inclusion part of my routine.

If you have other practices to share, please post a comment below or as always, feel free to reach out to me at bpaulen@wmp.com.

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