A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity: Why We Invest in Employee Resource Groups

A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity: Why We Invest in Employee Resource Groups

As part of a journey to strengthen our culture of inclusion, I began writing quarterly articles designed to stimulate conversation about relevant, and sometimes challenging topics. The idea is that healthy and open dialogue is an essential prerequisite to breaking down the barriers to inclusion.

In my latest article, I look at the topic of employee resource groups (ERGs). Last year, one of the big four consulting firms – long recognized as a leader in tackling inclusion and diversity within our profession – took the bold move of eliminating its ERGs. The thinking behind this is that the firm can make more of an impact by redirecting its investment to help executives build skills for fostering an inclusive workplace, and then holding them accountable for doing so.

At West Monroe, we are just now beginning to formalize our approach to establishing ERGs, and coverage of this other firm’s decision has prompted some questions from people in our organization about whether that should influence our own direction.

In this article, I share why ERGs are the right investment for West Monroe at this point in our growth, what benefits we expect from ERGs, and what we are doing to make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate. My colleagues Scott Booze and Will Hinde, who were recently part of the team that launched our WMPride, also share their perspectives and lessons-learned from establishing West Monroe’s newest ERG.

As always, I welcome your questions and input on this topic in the comments below or via email.

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