A Customer Portal for Sample Kits from Salesforce

Salesforce has become an incredibly popular tool for managing business processes inside companies. It’s great for managing accounts, contacts, opportunities, and leads but many organizations are clamoring to make that data more readily available to their customers and prospects.

One request we hear frequently is “Can I setup a portal that will allow prospects or sales reps to build sample kits from our product catalog in Salesforce?”

The short answer is “Yes, absolutely”.  By leveraging the core Salesforce back end, with recent Salesforce acquisition Heroku, you can rapidly create dynamic public or partner sites that allow external users to interact with and take action on Salesforce data.

Check out this short clip for one scenario where we’ve built an app on Heroku that allows users to search products in Salesforce and build a sample kit for shipment.  The end result is that this kit is fulfilled and a lead record is created for the sales rep.  For best clarity, set the quality to 720p in the YouTube window below.

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