A Look Into the Life of an Advanced Analytics Intern at West Monroe Partners

As we approach the end of our 12 week internship with the Advanced Analytics practice at West Monroe Partners, we’re reflecting on the journey and what we learned during the summer.

The two of us accepted our offer to join the Advanced Analytics team without knowing what all to expect. We both knew very little about consulting as a whole, but were very intrigued by the unique technology solutions that West Monroe offers and were excited to learn how analytics can be applied in real-world business situations.

We are both Informatics majors at the University of Washington and will be graduating in 2016.  As Informatics majors, we have an exciting opportunity to learn about a variety of topics, such as software and front-end development, database management, information systems design and analysis skills. Even without business backgrounds, this well-rounded curriculum prepared us very well for our internships on the Advanced Analytics team at West Monroe.

The Advanced Analytics team at West Monroe offers business solutions in areas such as data warehousing, big data, data visualization and predictive analytics. We may have been joining the team as interns, but we immediately felt the responsibilities of being a real consultant. We were placed on a variety of projects and given a lot of opportunities to learn and grow from them. By the end of our first week, we were working on our first project. Halfway through the second week, we had already attended our very first client meeting. These are the sort of experiences that you simply cannot gain in a classroom.

Specifically, we got to work on proof of concept projects, where we demonstrated the capabilities and usability of different software solutions for clients. We also got to work on data solution projects, where we performed assessments on the client’s current data models and strategies, evaluated them, and suggested improvements for future state data solutions. Additionally, we had the opportunity to support a Salesforce development project, data visualizations in Tableau, and interactive front-end technologies. This unique variety of projects is what ultimately defined our internship experience, and demonstrates the dynamic capabilities of the Advanced Analytics team.

We especially valued the emphasis West Monroe put on career development and exposure to the entire business throughout our internship. We were each assigned a career advisor and coach from day one. We had one-on-one meetings with them on a weekly basis to ask any questions or voice any concerns that we had. They provided us with great feedback and guided us along the way throughout the internship. We were also encouraged to schedule coffee or lunch chats with employees from various roles and solution lines to get a better understanding of the business as a whole, and at the individual level.

The entire Seattle office was very welcoming and made assimilating into the West Monroe culture a smooth and enjoyable experience. Attending social events was another exciting part of our experience. For example, we went to a Mariners game, a C-Suite scavenger hunt, leadership breakfast with senior directors and “4 O’clock Rocks” social events.

Coming into the internship with minimal experience about the tools and techniques, we knew there would be a lot to learn. We faced challenges throughout the internship and with it came valuable lessons.  Overall, our internship has been an eye-opening experience and offered us unmatched exposure to the business and consulting world. We learned about time management, professionalism, having a work-life balance and networking, but most importantly, what it means to be a consultant at West Monroe Partners.

Have any questions about interning at West Monroe or about the intern experience in general? Please leave a comment below!

Phone: 312-602-4000
Email: marketing@westmonroepartners.com
222 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60606
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