A Review of Polaris Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After working with Polaris in Update Rollup 12 and Update Rollup 13, I wanted to post a quick review of some of the latest Polaris benefits, updates, and features.

New Process Forms Changes

  • Javascript is not supported (any detected Javascript will cause the form to revert to the classic client.)
  • Adding child records in the left navigation pane is not allowed. The left navigation pane allows you to link to existing records, but is basically treated as “read only” as new records cannot be added (i.e. on an Account, you cannot add Opportunities, Contacts, Activities). As a workaround, you can add sub-grids to the process forms to enable adding child records.
  • Buttons in the ribbon on each form are limited and cannot be customized.
  • Auto-save feature occurs every 30 seconds (This can cause problems with plugins and workflows that are dependent on the “save” of a record.)
  • Estimated Revenue on the Opportunity is not automatically recalculated when adding/editing Opportunity Products. You must either make a change on the Opportunity and save, or close and reopen the Opportunity.

Qualifying Lead Process Has Changed

  • Leads automatically create Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities when you qualify.
  • The dialog window that allows you to link to existing records no longer exists.

Changes To Outlook Client
The Outlook Client search feature no longer searches within the view. The search feature’s behavior is now consistent with the web client “quick find” feature.

We’ll continue to review and discuss the latest Polaris updates and releases as they become available. To learn more about Polaris or Microsoft Dynamics, contact us today. You can also sign up for our newsletter, which provides insights into Dynamics CRM, Business Intelligence and more.

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