Achieving Breakthrough Analytic Insights with Hypercube

Do you struggle to gain actionable insights from the increasing amount of data available to you and your organization?

We all know the adage “knowledge is power” – but how do you get the right information you need to make confident business decisions, identify and resolve inefficiencies, build customer loyalty and ultimately increase profitability? These questions, and many others, can be answered by leveraging advanced analytical tools and best practices.

Advanced Analytics solutions help organizations not only understand their data, but develop key insights and actionable strategies to solve complex business problems. From explanation to prediction to simulation, businesses need tools that can take advantage of the wide variety of data that’s being gathered every day.  One groundbreaking tool used to gain understanding from the wealth of data available today is HyperCube®.

Developed by our Global Alliance Partner, BearingPoint Europe, HyperCube® is an innovative tool that provides more complete answers than traditional statistical models—root causes and business rules that traditional solutions often miss. You can use HyperCube® to answer questions about some of your biggest operational issues, such as:

  • Why do certain customers have high advocacy?
  • What are root causes for customer attrition?
  • What drives customer loyalty?
  • Why are certain customers price sensitive?
  • How can you optimize product/service bundling and marketing mix?

BearingPoint released an article last week titled Do you really need data scientists to become insight driven? , which talks about how this tool can be used to more efficiently, and effectively, develop those key insights and strategies to drive business forward.

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