Answering Salesforce User Questions: Be A Winner in the Salesforce User Community

I have to admit, I had never fully explored the Salesforce Community site until recently. I had occasionally up voted an idea that I felt would make a big impact or a feature that I was just dying to play with in the sandbox. I’d never explored most of the sections and I had never looked at Salesforce Answers.

I recently stumbled onto the questions within the Answer section, and at first I just kept thinking “I’ve done that before” or “Oh, I’ve tried to do something like that, but it’s not as clean in practice as you imagine.” So, I sat down and started answering questions myself (something I never thought I’d do). I tried to be crisp and clear, and link to Salesforce documents to help kick start more exploration on the topic.

When following up on a previous answer, I saw the green check mark (you know the one), the “Best Answer” check mark. I felt great! Not only had I been helpful, but they thought it was helpful enough to give me a virtual high five. So of course, I answered a few more questions, and now I find myself scrolling through the questions over a cup of coffee each morning and answering a couple each day.

Each “Best Answer” makes me feel like a bigger part of the community, and I’m thrilled I can help people as they learn the Salesforce platform. We’ve all been there before!

Check out the Answer’s section today, and see if you can help someone out of a tricky situation:
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