The Sweet Spot for Otto’s Self-Driving Autonomous Trucks

Uber is moving forward at a rapid pace with testing self-driving autonomous trucks within it subsidiary Otto. Last week, in conjunction with Anheuser Busch, Otto transported 45,000 cans of Budweiser 120 miles in Colorado, with a driver only touching the wheel to get on and off the highway. Uber’s entrance into the freight hauling market will bring another disruptor and differentiator to...

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Uber Entering $700 Billion Freight Hauling Business

Uber Entering $700 Billion Freight Hauling Business

Uber Technologies announced last month plans to build its freight network to help match freight to available haulers in an attempt to capture a portion of the $700 billion freight hauling market. After the recent acquisition of self-driving truck company Otto, Uber is already leveraging acquired industry connections and technology to compete with freight brokers and 4PLs.…

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To change or not to change?

I work with a variety of clients but one thing that seems consistent across all of them is the ongoing question of where to find the time and money to change their processes and/or systems in the hopes of achieving long-term gains. Margins are tight, time is precious and priorities are ever-changing.…

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IIE Annual Conference Experience

I attended last month’s IIE annual conference in Orlando. It was a great opportunity to learn, educate others, and network with students and peers. I had the opportunity to see what professionals and academia were doing in the labor management field as well as other Industrial Engineering areas of study. I was able to see where new technology is being introduced into our discipline as...

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