Using Scribe to Migrate Data from a Text Field to an OptionSet

Looking at a great many different data migrations, created by a great many different people you start to see trends in the approaches taken. One common data migration tactic involves migrating OptionSet/Picklist/Dropdown data into Dynamics CRM using Scribe. How is this done? One of the most common situations involves the source data for the OptionSet being stored as text values.…

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Creating a Folder in SharePoint From a CRM Plugin

“You should make it so when you create a record, a folder with that name is created,” remarked a sage and wise manager. “Is this possible?” “Why, yes it is!” was my quick response. Why Might You Want To Do This? • Automating/requiring automation of tasks with SharePoint (create a folder, add/update a list, etc.) • Getting your plugin(CRM) and SharePoint linked/in sync.…

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