Do Your Customers Know You’re a Know-It-All?

Picture yourself in the office on a Wednesday; it’s sunny, 78 degrees outside, and you are talking with your customer, Kaitlyn, whom you haven’t spoken to in roughly six months. Kaitlyn called to request adding her son, Peter, and his new Honda Accord to her auto insurance policy. You are able to retrieve her profile in your policy admin system (PAS) to find just enough information to answer...

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How Will You Use The Next Big Thing?

We are currently living in a world surrounded by technology.  From our computers to our phones to our…wrist watches?  That’s right, technology is now wearable and it allows us to track our lives in ways we never thought possible.  Wearable technology like the Fitbit or the Up band is not the only place where we are seeing new breakthroughs; we can even find this evolution in our own...

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