How to Capture Market Share Through Data-Driven Drug Discovery

How to Capture Market Share Through Data-Driven Drug Discovery

For years pharmaceutical companies have taken existing drugs and repurposed or repositioned them to create new drugs. These new drugs are often geared towards neglected therapeutic areas. Drug repurposing has always been a solid “go to” strategy and a proven method for mitigating the financial risk of drug discovery and a means of addressing softening market share.…

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Tuesday morning on my way to the office, I saw this headline at the top of the front page of the Wall Street Journal: “Obama Admits Health Website Flaws“. If you read the article or scan related news about, you’ll notice a variety of reported issues. One sentence stood out as a personal reminder of some painful experiences: “the decision to require all...

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Improving Technology Transfer through Collaboration – How Life Science and Pharma Organizations Can Manage Content While Minimizing Risk

If you read our recent post on “A Shifting Pharmaceutical Industry”, you know that the emerging ‘niche buster’ model is pushing organizations to become more flexible, nimble and collaborative as the breadth of their product portfolios increases. Despite the changes and challenges, organizations need to intelligently approach how they manage content and minimize the risks of tech transfer.…

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