Telecommunications is the Foundation of the Next Generation Utility

The next generation utility has to be thinking about how to operate in a changing environment and how to become more efficient and effective in managing the grid, saving energy and serving customers.  The surge in effort to build a Smart Grid pushes utilities to acquire more data from the field and utilize that data to make smarter decisions for grid operations. …

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Understanding How the Telecommunication Carriers’ Transition to IP Impacts Utilities

As discussed in the past, the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), or as some people call it, the Copper Phone Network is going away.  With it will be all of the legacy communications methods the carriers use that are not Ethernet based.   This is due to the proliferation of cellular phones and mobility eliminating the need for a tethered connection.  …

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Bye-Bye POTS!

The Regulated Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is a Thing of the Past Consumers are abandoning land lines by the millions.  Today, 41% of households are already wireless and most new home move-ins do not ever install a landline. The transition to a wireless and IP world is inevitable – so what do utilities need to do?  …

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Smart Utility Telecommunications and Network Managed Services

With today’s evolving utilities, the demands of Smart Grid, Smart Utility Services and communications have caused the sheer number of devices in the utility network to increase exponentially. Each of these devices needs to have telecommunications connectivity to allow for real time monitoring, control and collection of diagnostic data. These complex devices also utilize a variety of...

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Fixed Mobile Convergence – WMP-OneCall Saves Significant Telecom Costs

Costs associated with telecommunications services represent an operational expenditure that is sometimes second only to salaries in many corporations today. Traditional call convergence technologies give you the services that many companies already take advantage of: utilizing one number/one voicemail scenarios, follow-me roaming and simultaneous ring. WMP-OneCall takes this one step further...

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