When all transactions become digital

Many new platforms have been created that I believe will eventually make physical money obsolete. Many things will change, but first I would like to consider how close we are to this becoming a reality. Certainly credit cards, debit cards, and direct deposit make cashless transactions accessible to the everyday user, but with digital payment there is no need to have cards or cash. …

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Can we get pragmatic about failure?

Why is failure celebrated by some and disdained by others? Entrepreneurs and big company executives alike are holding their failures up in celebration. I recently read about a company that fires a celebratory cannon when they have a project that failed. Still, similar startups and institutions suggest failure is a fast path to bankruptcy.…

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The art of project management. Part 1.

I have a secret.  Many people could have guessed that I have a background in technology because I am a Project Manager at West Monroe Partners and I do.  However, many do not know that I double majored in Art when I earned my bachelor’s degree.  Pursuing studies in art has provided me with some unique tools that I think are helpful to project management and I’d like to share those...

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What makes us different

I recently spoke with our new technical recruiter, Amy Colcomb, and she asked me the single most important question for recruiting: what makes us different?  West Monroe Partners does a lot of things differently than other consultancies, but there are three things that stand out in my mind. We experiment anything can be attempted. …

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A multi-dimensional look at partnerships

Intro Partnerships in business conjure up many images.  Some see a savvy group business people who founded a privately held business; read: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce a la Mad Men.  Others envision the mom and pop hardware stores that join a cooperative buying program enabling preferring pricing.  Whatever model of partnerships you may be picturing, they all exist for one reason: mutual...

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Analyzing Core Banking Data for the Long Haul

When you decide to invest in Business Intelligence (BI) for your bank it may be tempting to make the easy decision and use whatever your core system provider is offering.  Core banking platforms typically provide a comprehensive solution, but it is important to evaluate your options before purchasing a BI solution. …

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