ARIN IPv4 Address Exhaustion… Keep Calm and Internet On (Part 3)

The inevitable has finally occurred… As of September 24th, 2015, ARIN reported it had completely run out of available IPv4 addresses of all block sizes. Articles dating as far back as 2008 discussing this eventuality can be readily found and while it took a few years for the event to occur (likely a few more than originally expected by most due to various reasons as previously discussed in our...

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ARIN IPv4 Address Exhaustion… Keep Calm and Internet On

“No, the sky is most certainly NOT falling,” is my typical response to any question regarding the exhaustion of our IP version 4 (IPv4) public address pool. With ARIN (the Regional Internet Registry responsible for managing IP address allocations in North America) likely to issue its remaining IPv4 address space in the next few days, we can only expect this event will come with plenty of fan...

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Technical Debt

We have all heard of debt, typically referred to in the financial sense such as loans and credit cards, but do you know what it means to have technical debt?  This is a concept that has increasingly entered into the vocabulary of IT leadership and business investors.  This is however something that’s not often discussed by technologists that are so close to the platforms that have...

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Enterprise Guide to Networking the Public Cloud – Part 1

Part 1 – Cloud Use Cases & Connectivity Options A news release popped into my inbox last week publicizing a carrier’s new and improved solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) connectivity.  Reading about the new offerings available for connecting to AWS peaked my interest as they are increasingly critical to our clients’ daily operations. …

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