’s Social Studio Takes Sales and Marketing efforts to the Next Level

Social Studio is’s recent addition to their ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. This addition empowers business owners to take their social listening and engagement to the next level. has continued to bring innovation to its platform including harnessing the power of social media. I first wrote last October about’s efforts to help with social channels...

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Using Salesforce to Track Agencies and Advertisers

We’ve previously examined how to forecast a full revenue picture in Salesforce. In today’s post, we’ll focus on how you can setup Salesforce to easily track relationships between advertisers and agencies. Relationship Basics provides contacts and accounts, as well as the ability to classify accounts and contacts as belonging to an agency, advertiser, or brand.…

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Using Salesforce to Manage a Project Based Business

Quite a few of our customers are professional services firms that are looking to manage their business in Salesforce.  Here’s a quick overview of a model we’ve developed and some customizations we’ve built in Salesforce to help architects, engineers, management consultants, and other project focused organizations. The model starts by recognizing that Salesforce out of the box doesn’t have a...

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Calendar Interface for Salesforce

We develop custom interfaces in Salesforce that allow users to see underlying data in ways that fit their specific business needs. The UI elements most commonly requested are data entry grids and calendar views that display things like campaigns and projects. Salesforce is a tremendously powerful platform for storing and relating data, and a little bit of front end customization can go a long...

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Forecasting Monthly Revenue in

Many of our customers earn revenue as their service is used instead of at the point in time when a sale is made. provides basic revenue scheduling, but it isn’t granular enough for most of our media and software as a service customers. The out of the box product schedules display revenue equally across time and do not recognize variations in a schedule.…

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