Mobile Web Services – JSON/REST vs. XML/SOAP

As companies become more interested in exposing web services to get data to mobile apps, the question is always “what format should we use for the services?” It seems like JSON is the default most of the time lately – but larger companies often have existing investments in XML-based web services, or they’re using some enterprise web services stack, middleware, or ESB...

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Mobile Architecture Best Practices

When developing mobile apps, there are a number of key challenges where architecture and design are fundamentally different from that of a typical enterprise application. Careful consideration should be given to these mobile architecture issues early in the development process in order to mitigate the downstream impact of poor architectural decisions.…

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5 Elements of an Effective Mobile Strategy

Governance Without an effective governance structure in place, a “fly by the seat of your pants” mobile strategy could leave you with a cluttered and difficult to unravel mobile landscape, wasting developer resources and requiring all-too-common, costly re-platforming and re-work down the road – while at the same time providing end users with a disjointed and confusing user experience. …

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Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps

In an article I wrote last year, I described a number of different mobile application architectures including Native, Hybrid, and Web apps.  An architecture that was not discussed in-depth was cross-platform native apps.  For some time, it seemed that HTML5 and Hybrid apps were the only way to go for writing cross-platform applications – but sometimes you need to build a native app, and in...

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Mobile Client Architecture – Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web apps

Of all considerations when developing a mobile app – by far the most important would be which architecture to choose for the client application. Should you build a native app or a mobile web app? Should you try to build a single application that works across all mobile platforms? Tough questions – and there is no one right answer or one best option for mobile app development.  …

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