Cutting Through the Fog of B2B Marketing Enablement: Fragmentation + Fragmentation = Fragmentation

The digital disruption caused by the ubiquity of 24×7 Internet can often be a challenge for relationship managers focused on one-to-one, face-to-face interactions. The question is often, how can marketing automation techniques and technology enable B2B marketing when prospect groups are relatively few in number? The fact is that armed with mobile devices and go-anywhere connectivity, all...

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Doing it to Yourself: When Policies and Procedures Induce Behaviors that Negatively Impact Customers’ Experience – Part 1

Firms put increasing effort into measuring, enhancing and refining customer experience, recognizing that building brand and product advocacy is central to prolonged business success. Conventional wisdom focuses on the relationship between a brand and its customers, a bi-directional relationship based on providing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.…

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The Internet is a Utility that Retail Banks Should Want

The branch is dead. Imagine a world, not too far from now, where the vast majority of banking occurs digitally via some kind of device, PC, smartphone or tablet., Now imagine that world without net neutrality. A world where the owners of the ‘last mile’ of broadband, the essential, single threaded link between you and your online bank, can accept payment from content providers to control the...

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Gaining clients and staying relevant in a digital world: The future of financial services marketing

Historically banks have leveraged branches as their primary source for client interactions and have trained bankers and tellers with varying levels of success to market and cross-sell their products.  While still applicable, that model is slowly becoming less effective as clients transition from branch banking to more digital channels.  According to the 2013 Teller line study conducted by...

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What can my ATM do for me?

In my previous post, Money for Nothing – I want my ATM, I addressed the impending need for banks to upgrade ATM operating systems to Windows 7 or equivalent. While they are at it, they should capitalize on the opportunity to innovate. In the age of endless customer data and increasing customer expectations, banks need to raise the bar with ATM touch points.…

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Money for Nothing – I want my ATM

It may come as a surprise to learn that the vast majority of the world’s ATMs run on Windows XP. However, by now many people are aware that on April 8th 75% of the nation’s ATM machines will be running on an operating system that is no longer maintained by its creator.…

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My Anthropologie Nightmare

In these days of brand awareness, it seems ironic that for many retailers, especially in the area of fashion, the very brand definition that once set them apart has become so diluted, or lost all together, as the look and feel becomes more and more generic either in their desire to stay fresh or to enable rapid expansion through franchising with a look, feel and stock that facilitates a quick...

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Agile – A Voyage of Discovery

Agile might just be the greatest innovation in software development methodology – ever. The benefits of being able to implement changes rapidly, with user involvement, with no design surprises. What’s not to like? Well, in highly complex, highly integrated and regulated environments, Agile presents some additional risk and can, when used in isolation, be responsible for furthering...

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