Establishing TSA operating processes before close: A framework for empowering functional leads and governing the separation

The “honeymoon” and relationship between Buyer and Seller will inevitably change once a deal has closed, regardless of how well the two may have worked together leading up to Day 1.  In addition to negotiating and executing the Transition Services Agreement (TSA) and relevant schedules for each functional area, there is one area that is commonly overlooked prior to close – the TSA operating...

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Best Practices Negotiating Enterprise Software

The last phase of the software selection process, negotiations, is often the most overlooked, especially from the perspective of the IT organization.  But once you have analyzed a vendor’s initial total cost of ownership (TCO) and evaluated the options via a balanced scorecard framework, you need to have a plan for software negotiations; it cannot be an afterthought of your selection...

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Leverage a Balanced Scorecard Framework for Software Evaluation

There are a number of ways to approach software selection projects, some of which are more six sigma focused such as the quality function deployment (QFD) framework and some are not as academic in nature (i.e., selection based on a brand name).  Either way, the goal of a software evaluation is to establish criteria for which individual requirements will be evaluated against to satisfy our...

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Ditch the RFP in the Software Selection Process

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is a sacred cow of software selections, but West Monroe now believes they create a lot of work for all parties and provide limited value to the final outcome.   We  recommend removing the RFP from your selection process and instead focus on the below alternatives, which you will find improves the functional evaluation of the software, accuracy of...

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Understanding the trade-offs of various software selection project approaches

Depending on my client’s priorities and appetite as it relates to timeline, budget and risk in the selection process, I recommend one of the following five approaches to software selection for the most important business applications (e.g., ERP, claims platform, loan origination): Standard software selection (10 to 12 weeks) – The most comprehensive and recommended option, with the longest...

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M&A Carve-outs: Why the PC Landscape Matters During Diligence

It may seem like an unimportant topic during the diligence phase of a carve-out, but one of largest and riskiest projects during a carve-out is migrating the PC’s from the Parent systems to the NewCo environment. This includes migrating the domain, email, anti-virus, systems management agent, file shares, installing patches to current levels, and deployment of software applications that...

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M&A Carve-outs – Achieving Payroll Readiness

One of the first questions our Private Equity clients and their Portfolio Executive team ask us during the final negotiations around Day 0 (sign) is how do we ensure we will pay our people after Day 1 (close)?  Due to legal and regulatory issues, the new owners are typically required to pay the acquired entity’s people in the first payroll period after close.…

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