Customer Experience Day: Time to Decide “To be or Not to be”

Annual events provide a milestone to check progress, and dream about what’s yet to come. Ta-Da. CX Day is here! No better time than now to evaluate the state of the Customer Experience world – its practitioners, its success stories, its struggles. Having staked my career to CX for the past 7 years, I would summarize as follows: There’s more talk about CX, than action.…

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Simple Truths in a Complex Time

Recent events offered me a fresh reminder in the beauty of simplicity and the complexity of business – two often juxtaposed concepts that Customer Experience practitioners and advisors wrestle with on behalf of our clients. First, and most importantly: The passing of Nobel Peace Prize winner John Nash (popularized in A Beautiful Mind).…

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West Monroe Partners and BearingPoint Announce New Book, “Darwinism in a Consumer-Driven World”

Customer Experience experts discuss how evolutionary thinking is driving the digital revolution Management and technology consulting firms West Monroe Partners and BearingPoint today announced the publication of their book, Darwinism in a Consumer - Driven World. The book, co-authored by Kyle Hutchins, director of Customer Experience at West Monroe Partners, and Erik Campanini, Digital...

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A Shoppers Paradise, or Paradox?

There’s a widening gap between where digital technology is leading us and what many retail consumers are psychologically prepared for. On one hand, having our favorite brands recommend products, or allowing us to flow effortlessly between physical stores and online sites, or providing personalized offers, is preferred if not required to stay relevant.…

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Digital Meet Physical, Now Play Nice

An ongoing theme in the market, from retailers of all types, is a consistent customer experience across channel. But a more specific scenario is trending — how to bring digital into a physical (store, branch) environment. And do so, thoughtfully and with purpose. By way of example, a few years back Nordstrom dropped iPads into there men’s department — without a clear...

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