Find Someone with a Burning Issue – Part 2

My first post in this series, Implementing a Data Governance Program, talked about finding a specific instance which is creating a problem with direct business impact, which is a great place to start. The next step is to identify the person that is accountable for the fixing the issue. One way to do this is create a RACI (

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Implementing a Data Governance Program

Data governance programs have a very low success rate. While there are many reasons for this, most often it is because they are overly ambitious. Successful data governance programs start small and expand enterprise wide. The following series of blogs will outline an approach for creating and sustaining a data governance program.…

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What is Master Data?

There is a lot of buzz about Master Data Management (MDM). What exactly is master data? Master data is not definable it varies from one organization to the next. You may have heard it defined as non-transactional data, all the business nouns, data that is shared across the enterprise, reference data etc.…

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What is the cost of running a business on spreadmarts?

There is almost universal agreement that spreadmarts come with inherent risk due to the inaccuracies created from manual manipulation of data. This is hard to quantify in terms of dollars. Most evidence we have is statistical and anecdotal  But, there is another aspect to spreadmarts that is directly quantifiable. As part of creating a BI strategy and road map, West Monroe’s methodology...

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Spreadmart Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Every organization in the world runs on spreadmarts. Spreadmarts are end user developed repositories of data built using spreadsheet programs such as Excel, desktop databases such as Access and reporting tools such as Crystal Reports. While these are great tools to have, they are not necessarily the best way to use data to make important decisions.…

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