“Insuring” a Positive Customer Experience in Your Claims Center

Like any other industry, technology is forcing insurance companies to change the way they do business. Specifically, it’s widely accepted that direct sales, via the internet and other mobile avenues, are diminishing the value of the agent distribution model.  A McKinsey report cited that in 2003, local insurance agents wrote 80% of new Private Passenger Autos (PPA), decreasing to 63% in...

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The Agent Experience

In the past decade, the Internet has forced organizations to reinvent the way they think about customer experience.  Vehicles like Twitter and Yelp have increased transparency into how well (or not so well) organizations serve their customers.  The customer experience is so publicized and has become a focus for organizations in all industries. …

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We Can’t Make Your CRM Program a Success

I was reflecting the other day on my clients, and mentally sorting them into two categories, those with successful CRM programs, and those still struggling to find success. The success stories are extremely rewarding – these organizations have achieved the benefits people associate with CRM and that the CRM vendors tout, and have demonstrated that the technology can deliver on its promises in...

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Improve Customer Experience via Product Transparency

How companies can improve their customer experience by sharing their “secret sauce” Let’s face it, do you really know what you’re eating? Sure, the list of ingredients on the back of your yogurt or cereal may provide additional context, but many people find ingredient information unhelpful or even confusing. In a recent Consumer Reports study and USA Today article, two-thirds of Americans...

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More Improvements to a Great Integration Platform

Our team is embarking on another complex CRM integration project on the Scribe Online platform, and I wanted to take a few minutes to post on some of the new developments with Scribe, which we depend on heavily for integration work for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects.  Scribe has proven itself to be an easy-to-use, reliable tool, with pre-built connectors for many of the applications we...

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Convergence 2014 – More Acquisitions for CRM, More Product Integration Progress

Our team has just returned from another great Microsoft Convergence conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  For those of you not familiar with Convergence, this is Microsoft’s annual conference for Dynamics customers and partners.  It’s a 12,000 person event with a dizzying array of events, speakers, and sessions, and a huge expo floor of software vendors. …

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Recruiting the Next Generation of Talent? The Insurance Industry Challenge

I consider myself lucky to have the opportunities and challenges that I have faced over the past 14 years working within the insurance industry. Like most insurance professionals the industry was not something that I thought of or even considered coming out of college. Given that fact, I’ve pondered how can the insurance industry proactively attract the top talent for the next generation?…

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Considering Dynamics CRM? New Process Templates Show Dynamics CRM’s Ability to Address Traditional Sales and Industry Specific Business Management Needs

Looking for a good way to understand business processes in Dynamics CRM 2013? Over the past sixty days, Microsoft has released a number of process templates for download via the Dynamics Marketplace. These new templates fall into two main categories – “horizontal” templates focused on implementing general sales or customer service methodologies, and “vertical”...

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ClickDimensions October 2013 Release Review: Improved Email Editing, Social Sharing, and Password Management

The latest ClickDimensions release is now available, and it brings with it some terrific enhanced email, social, and password management features. Drag and Drop Email Template Editor Probably the most significant part of this latest release, the new Email Template editor gives ClickDimensions users the option to build out email templates using a drag and drop method which updates changes in...

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