Focusing on Vision During POS Selection

This post is the first installment of a five-part blog series focused on Point of Sale (POS) selections and the corresponding retail strategy. Look for upcoming blogs on POS technology trends, strategies, cost benchmarking, and more. Historically, Point of Sale (POS) solutions were viewed as transaction tools – a way to scan, checkout and process customer payments.…

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Using Knowledge Management in Your Contact Center

Contact centers traditionally hold a reputation for being an organization’s “catch all,” receiving customer contacts that range from inquiries to requests to complaints.  Contact centers receive not only all types of customer contacts but must also support all departments within an organization, from product, to marketing, to logistics to billing. The wide variety of contacts and the...

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Value Chain Reporting: The Next Step in the Evolution of the Annual Report

In a short span of time we’ve seen corporate annual reports evolve from a report documenting only an entity’s financial standing to an all-encompassing report that factors in the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social. Long gone are the days where a major corporation can deliver just a financial report to its stakeholders.…

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Will the Grass be Greener for the Jolly Green Giant?

The End of an Era Recently, General Mills made another big splash in the food and beverage market with the leaked announcement of a potential divestiture of the Jolly Green Giant (JGG) label. Representing a large portion of General Mills’ frozen food portfolio, Jolly Green Giant accounts for approximately $700 million of the frozen division’s $1.5 billion in total sales and has become a...

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“Insuring” a Positive Customer Experience in Your Claims Center

Like any other industry, technology is forcing insurance companies to change the way they do business. Specifically, it’s widely accepted that direct sales, via the internet and other mobile avenues, are diminishing the value of the agent distribution model.  A McKinsey report cited that in 2003, local insurance agents wrote 80% of new Private Passenger Autos (PPA), decreasing to 63% in...

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The Agent Experience

In the past decade, the Internet has forced organizations to reinvent the way they think about customer experience.  Vehicles like Twitter and Yelp have increased transparency into how well (or not so well) organizations serve their customers.  The customer experience is so publicized and has become a focus for organizations in all industries. …

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We Can’t Make Your CRM Program a Success

I was reflecting the other day on my clients, and mentally sorting them into two categories, those with successful CRM programs, and those still struggling to find success. The success stories are extremely rewarding – these organizations have achieved the benefits people associate with CRM and that the CRM vendors tout, and have demonstrated that the technology can deliver on its promises in...

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Improve Customer Experience via Product Transparency

How companies can improve their customer experience by sharing their “secret sauce” Let’s face it, do you really know what you’re eating? Sure, the list of ingredients on the back of your yogurt or cereal may provide additional context, but many people find ingredient information unhelpful or even confusing. In a recent Consumer Reports study and USA Today article, two-thirds of Americans...

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More Improvements to a Great Integration Platform

Our team is embarking on another complex CRM integration project on the Scribe Online platform, and I wanted to take a few minutes to post on some of the new developments with Scribe, which we depend on heavily for integration work for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects.  Scribe has proven itself to be an easy-to-use, reliable tool, with pre-built connectors for many of the applications we...

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