Healthcare is Learning from Other Industries (While Tackling Problems Uniquely Its Own)

The final blog in our series serves to summarize the ways in which healthcare can learn from the best practices / innovations of other industries, address unique trends in healthcare, and define their broader impact on the industry. Our previous blogs describe how healthcare, a system often characterized as broken, expensive, and over-regulated, can improve by looking towards other...

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What Medical Teams Can Learn From Lollapalooza

Every summer, music festivals and other production events bring priceless memories and life changing experiences to millions of attendees. These events (Taste of Chicago, Lollapalooza, etc.) are not only a good time, but also a great display of coordination, regulatory compliance, dynamic teams, and effective use of talented individuals with special social and technical skills.…

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How Do We Take Care of the Caretakers?

Our previous post in the series addressed system-level learning points for healthcare from the fast food industry’s recent business model changes. In contrast, this entry specifically focuses on what healthcare can learn from the construction industry to help reduce the frequency and severity of nurse staff injuries. It is well documented that construction-related roles are physically...

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What Can Healthcare Learn From Other Industries’ Best Practices?

Many industries have suffered the pain of transformational change. In doing so, they provide insight into how to effectively overcome a variety of obstacles. If the healthcare industry can leverage the experience of others’ past failures, their own transformation will be accelerated.  In recent years, stories about healthcare often portray the industry in a negative light, including the...

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