Neobanks: Welcome to the Matrix

Neobanks are no longer a thing of the future; they are a thing of the now (I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reference the Matrix in a blog title). Haven’t heard of Neobanks? Consider this your crash course. A Neobank can be described as an institution that (typically) provides checking, debit cards and some form of savings account without the actual physical presence of a...

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“Heightened Expectations”- A Cliffs Notes Version

When first introduced to the term “heightened expectations”, my mind immediate went to Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations. This new term from the OCC is anything but romantic and literary, but instead a new era of banking compliance that will affect the landscape of compliance. Think of the new push from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) as an infomercial.…

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Innovation Station: The New Conjunction Junction

If you grew up on Schoolhouse Rock, like I did, Conjunction Junction rings a bell. Do you now have a song stuck in your head? You’re welcome. The whole idea behind Conjunction Junction was “what’s your function?”- reminding kids that conjunctions exist to connect words, phrases and clauses. I believe that I have come across the adult version of Conjunction Junction.…

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Scrumthing to Talk About

Coming from a banking background, the fraternities of different project management styles were quite a foreign language to me. Traditional approach project management. Waterfall. Agile. Lean. Extreme. PRINCE2. Event Chain. I think you catch my drift- there are a lot of options out there for project management styles. Upon starting a new project that was transitioning from Waterfall Project...

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CFPB: A Modern Day Superman?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has an agenda, and they aren’t shy about sharing it. With two years of operating experience under their belt, CFPB is proving to be a results oriented and galvanizing organization. Empowering consumers to know and demand their rights is on their docket, and they are eagerly serving as a financial watchdog for institutions that don’t “play nice” with...

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