Five Reasons Rapid Prototyping Rocks

Anyone involved in a new product or offering understands how requirements and design can quickly become out of control. Developers begin making assumptions through the build and integration of the solution. Project managers promise more than what is capable of the entire team. New voices get involved and user acceptance testing quickly spirals out of control, headed straight for failure.…

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Next Generation: Voice of the Customer

Firms have an unprecedented ability to listen to and understand changing customer needs. Advanced technologies turn unstructured social media posts or contact center transcripts into meaningful and actionable insights. Predictive analytics hone the noise of billions of interactions into signals that can help firms avoid scaling costly mistakes and tap into emerging opportunities.…

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Dream Crushing Mistakes: The importance of testing and quality assurance

A few weeks ago, Carnegie Mellon University released a statement that one of their programs mistakenly sent acceptance letters via email to about 800 applicants. What department would make such an error? None other than the Computer Science Department. We operate in a world where automation, speed, and ease are characteristics we want to apply to our daily work.…

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AirBnB: How to create a community dedicated to customer experience

Interactive shots of weekend getaways and exotic global destinations, AirBnB’s website will make anyone want to pack a bag immediately. Based off of sharing-economy principles, AirBnB operates on the premise of strangers opening their homes at a reasonable price for a period of time; essentially matching individuals to provide for a need of the other.…

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New Year, New Metrics: Evaluating and Measuring Diversity & Inclusion at Your Firm

Consultants provide significant value to clients on each engagement because we can quickly survey and understand the current environment and processes at a company. Our knowledge of an organizational landscape and its procedures are the foundation for what changes we will recommend for implementation in the future. In fact, a significant portion of our understanding is from measurement and...

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Global Service Fellowship Program | A Journey for Gender Equity In the Workplace

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” — Sheila Murray Bethel Packing two suitcases of clothes and random items from my Chicago apartment, I embarked on my Global Service Fellowship Program (GSFP) adventure on Thursday, September 11th.…

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Do You Like Taking Surveys? (A) Yes (B) No

Tips to Keep in Mind for Deploying Organizational Surveys It seems today that we are constantly asked for feedback, ideas for improvement, and preferences from the companies we interact with. Whether it be post-purchase emails, spam pop-up windows, static feedback links, or “suggestion” adds, organizations are finding ways to creatively engage customers for their thoughts and opinions for...

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Even Millennials Worry About Data Collection

In the city of Chicago, made up of nearly 3 million people and over seven thousand licensed cabs, it’s safe to assume that hundreds of people take a cab every day within the city limits. This fact also means a substantial number of people are recorded or photographed. A record of every passenger, conversation, and phone call.…

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The “Hot Sauce” Dilemma: A consultant’s cautionary tale of requirements gathering

Let’s set the scene – It’s 11:53 AM. Lunch has been coordinated (Chipotle… Yes!). The team is crouched over their computers, their stomachs grumbling for chips and gauc in the windowless client conference room. Everyone furiously answers emails, reviews business requirements documents, and creates this week’s status reports. I volunteer to pick-up the order – you can’t beat the fresh air and...

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Lessons from the Chicago Blackhawks: Pull the Goalie and Beat the Clock

Written by Consultants, for Consultants (and sports enthusiasts)  Coach Joel Quenneville made the decision to pull the goalie in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals. Chicago’s last ditch, all in, effort to extend a game that was on its way to a loss. Pulling the goalie is a coach’s ultimate decision that arguably provides the most intense and nerve-racking ninety seconds of any game.…

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