Millennials and Community Banks Make a Perfect Match

Different generations shop, save and invest in very different ways. Millennials are no exception and financial institutions have taken notice, investing large sums in an attempt to understand and accommodate their needs. But who exactly constitutes this generation? Millennials are defined as individuals ranging from 18 to 34 years of age and represent the customer segment not only leading the...

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Keeping Retail Banking Relevant – Ever thought of your local bank branch as a Starbucks? Part 1 of 2

When was the last time you visited your local bank branch? Physical banking seems to have become something of the past for most millennials, or 25% of the US population. According to the industry data, the majority of customers visit their physical branches once every six months. Moreover, over 80% of customer interactions are performed through self-service channels.…

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Technology Transformation is Not Always the Silver Bullet

It has become a general trend that banks continue to enhance their existing product offerings by upgrading their technology platforms for a better user experience. Many would equate such technology upgrades to “transformation.” These replacements or upgrades are commonly perceived by banks to be the solutions for customer attrition, below average customer experience, and to keep up with...

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