Ben Snyder’s Challenge Accepted Moment

Ben Snyder’s Challenge Accepted Moment

Each month we highlight a different Dare to be Great employee who embodies the Uncommon Blend or Challenge Accepted attitude that makes West Monroe Partners and everyone that works here so unique! This month, meet Ben Snyder, a Manager in our Customer Experience practice, based in Chicago.

How did you get started at West Monroe?

I was introduced to West Monroe my Junior year at a Purdue career fair. My previous internship experience was with a Fortune 200 company where there was lots of red tape. I was ready to make a splash so I started looking for a smaller consulting firm willing to give me a challenge and opportunity to learn quickly. My suspicions told me that West Monroe would fit the bill, and I was right! That summer, I completed an internship and parlayed that into a full-time position…now, I’ve been here nearly 5 years!

What is your proudest accomplishment at West Monroe?

It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to help build our High Performance Contact Center practice. When I started five years ago, the practice didn’t exist. We’re now a team of 10 and continuing to grow!

What is your Challenge Accepted moment? How has West Monroe challenged you?

On a key client account, our lead project manager had to roll off the project at a critical time in the project—we were determining our client’s strategy and execution plan for the next 2+ years. I was asked to step up and act as our key “boots-on-the-ground” resource, taking over responsibility for the previous project manager. It was nerve-wracking, but exciting, and other West Monroe leaders stepped up to support me. We turned the client into a key account, and it showed me that leadership is willing to put a lot of trust in young consultants, even with high-profile clients and projects.

How would you describe West Monroe in two words?

Always reaching.

Phone: 312-602-4000
222 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60606
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