Brian Pacula’s Uncommon Blend

Brian Pacula’s Uncommon Blend

Each month we will be highlighting a different Dare to be Great employee who embodies the Uncommon Blend or Challenge Accepted attitude that makes West Monroe Partners and everyone that works here so unique! This month, meet Brian Pacula, a Senior Manager in our Workforce Optimization practice, based in Chicago. 

How did you get started at West Monroe?
I previously worked in industry and wanted to experience a different culture and business atmosphere, challenge myself in stretch roles, and gain a diverse set of skills rapidly. I began researching consulting firms in Chicago and my timing was impeccable because WMP was in need of industrial engineers for a new major client for the Workforce Optimization practice.

What is your proudest accomplishment at WMP?
A few years ago I had the amazing opportunity to speak in place of a managing director at an industry conference. I did not disappoint!

How do you identify as part of the Uncommon Blend?
We live in a digital world and the rapid adoption of the latest technology gives our clients a definitive advantage in the market. As trusted advisors, it’s imperative that we not only understand the business, but also understand the latest technology and how it’s being adopted by industry leaders in order to maximize our value proposition. Maintaining an Uncommon Blend to help our clients requires a different culture and attitude across the firm, one that encourages and cultivates solutions in a collaborative nature. For me personally it means leveraging my quantitative mindset, experience in M&D, and interest in emerging technology to help our clients solve complex business challenges.

What is your Challenge Accepted moment?
The opportunity to coach, advise, and mentor younger generations of consultants on a daily basis is extremely rewarding. The relationships and bonds created are very meaningful and the “challenge” to develop our future leaders should not be taken lightly.

How would you describe West Monroe in two words?
Fun, Rewarding

If you were trapped on a deserted island, who from West Monroe would you bring and why?
Tough question: there is definitely a large pool of people to choose from since a lot of WMPers are like family. I would have to choose Jeremy Tancredi though. We have grown up professionally at WMP over the past eight years, he is a great mentor and friend, and we have experienced plenty of shenanigans on the road over the years.

Phone: 312-602-4000
222 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60606
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