Building Your Employer Brand to Recruit Top Talent: 4 Initiatives That Work

Building Your Employer Brand to Recruit Top Talent: 4 Initiatives That Work

Last week, the Labor Department announced that for the first time in recorded history, the number of job openings is higher than the number of people looking for a job. For employers, this means people (and especially, highly skilled people) have more choices than ever.

As recruiters, we spend our days sourcing and vetting talent for West Monroe. For a company whose “product” is its people, we realize the importance of our role in company growth and success. But it doesn’t matter how stellar or dedicated your recruiting team is without a stellar employer brand to back it up. And in the age of “full employment,” having a differentiated, recognized, and appealing employer brand will be crucial to attracting the talent that you need.

In recognizing this, we as a recruiting team are grateful West Monroe has invested in four specific initiatives to boost employer brand awareness within the last year. We thought it helpful to share our team and firm’s successes and lessons learned for those who are focusing more on talent acquisition.

  1. A Tighter Partnership with our Marketing Team: We worked alongside our partners in marketing to establish a closer connection to promote talent brand awareness in our different markets. We set up a dedicated talent branding committee made up of several recruiters and marketers whose mission was to spread brand awareness in all of the markets where we have an office. This committee has budget to spend on highly targeted marketing and advertising opportunities throughout the year. To help get the West Monroe name in front of our target audience, we sponsor food-truck events outside competitor offices, arrange local tech meetups, and use advertising in certain public-transit centers that serve our key demographics.
  2. A Revamp of our Careers Site: Having a well-designed and experiential careers site is key to attracting top talent. Since West Monroe is a business and technology consulting firm with many different practices, we needed to ensure our careers site was able to convey all that we do to our audience while also making sure it was easy to navigate. The firm did a complete overhaul of our site in 2017 which was able to show outsiders what it is really like to work at West Monroe through “day in the life” examples, videos featuring different roles, and testimonials from current employees.
  3. Top Places to Work: As employees, we know that working at West Monroe is great, but we needed to be able to prove that. We applied to be selected as a top employer to work for in several publications including Crain’s New York Business and Crain’s Chicago Business, Chicago Tribune, Fortune, Consulting Magazine, Forbes, LA Business Journal, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Business Magazine, and Minneapolis/St. Paul Business. Just to name a few! We’ve received countless awards and accolades from these publications in several categories. Being ranked on these publications as a top employer has helped add credibility as a top employer across all our markets, showing consistency in culture.
  4. Build Out of New Office Space & Hosting Local Meetups: In the age of remote working and virtual offices, we know that our physical offices are a huge selling point to potential candidates. We love to show off our “home bases” by hosting different tech and industry specific meetups throughout the year. This gives prospective employees a chance to experience the office before joining, as well as meet the people who work at West Monroe to ask them what it’s like to work here. Our company has invested time, money, and resources to ensure that our physical spaces make working at West Monroe great and attract top talent to the firm. For candidates who are unable to tour the office, we make sure to include virtual tours on our website.

When we first joined West Monroe, we knew the firm didn’t have the most recognized name or the biggest advertising spend—especially compared to competitors. This has made our jobs challenging at times. But West Monroe’s investment in the employer brand throughout the last year has made a significant difference in our ability to attract and hire top talent. We will continue to invest in our employer brand, and in the face of talent shortages, expect other organizations to do so too.

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