Bulk Undelete in Salesforce with the Mulligan Tool

Ever had one of those days? It’s probably a Friday. You’ve definitely not had enough coffee. Traffic stunk. You finally get to the office to be greeted with 90 requests for password resets and one email simply titled, “Oops”.

As it turns out, “Oops”, is a confession of sorts, one where you discover that a coworker just deleted 10,000 Accounts.

From the Production org.

Oh, and all their child objects too. You know, the contacts, opportunities…

T.G.I.F. ?

Salesforce thoughtfully ensures that deleted objects move to the recycle bin, but the recycle bin interface is not at all optimized for restoring more than 10-20 objects at a time. Let alone 10,000.

Call a Mulligan: Bulk Undelete in Salesforce
Without Mulligan, you’re left with a new hobby — loading page after page of the recycle bin, and clicking those 10,000 records one by one to restore. But with Mulligan, it’s just a few clicks. In fact, all you have to do is select your object type from a picklist; optionally choose a start and stop date range, and finally click ‘Call a Mulligan’.

While the batch jobs run to restore your deleted accounts, you can contemplate just how to phrase this to your supervisors on your next annual review:

  1. Saved the day by restoring 10,000 deleted accounts from our CRM system.
  2. Saved the company by restoring 10,000 deleted accounts from our CRM system.
  3. Saved the CMO’s job by restoring all 10,000 accounts he/she deleted from the CRM system.
  4. It’s not often you undelete things, but when you do, you Mulligan them. After all, you are the most interesting Salesforce admin in the world.

Learn more about Mulligan
Mulligan is released as an Unmanaged Salesforce package. Visit Salesforce.com to get the the current version 1.1 (codename Quad Shot Caramel) here: https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04ti0000000Nbdc

Questions About Mulligan, or other CustomSalesforce Development?
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