Managing Project Challenges: Logical Data Models

Some projects are challenging to deliver.  Complex and convoluted ecosystems continue to grow.  Company tribal knowledge makes it difficult to involve non-subject matter experts (SMEs).  Projects can lose the original meaning or misinterpret the architectural intent.  The logical data model is a project deliverable that can be used to manage these project challenges.…

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Would You Adopt Your Own Business Intelligence?

Recently, Gartner published a report revealing that business intelligence (BI – Reports, scorecards, dashboards, and ad-hoc analytic tools) has been adopted by only 30% of business users.  This means only 30% of business users are getting the tools and data they need to make decisions.  Conventional industry wisdom puts the BI deployment number at approximately 70% of the business user...

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Are you spending your valuable time assigning Cases or Leads manually when you could be spending your time doing something more productive? Would you like for your Cases and Leads to be automatically assigned directly to your team members and distributed equally among them? If so, here are a couple of great, free Round Robin Assignment options to assist you.…

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