Financial Services for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs — A Missed Opportunity for Credit Unions

Earlier this month, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and the US Small Business Administration (SBA) announced an agreement to facilitate connecting small business owners with their local credit unions to obtain better access to capital.  The three year partnership includes a series of educational and training initiatives to better inform credit unions about SBA’s lending...

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Technology Transformation is Not Always the Silver Bullet

It has become a general trend that banks continue to enhance their existing product offerings by upgrading their technology platforms for a better user experience. Many would equate such technology upgrades to “transformation.” These replacements or upgrades are commonly perceived by banks to be the solutions for customer attrition, below average customer experience, and to keep up with...

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Applying Lean to Non-Traditional Environments – Super Bowl XLIX

The lights go on, the game is set, and it’s a blistering 70 degrees at the stadium in Arizona.  Marshawn Lynch is set to eat his pre-game Skittles, and Katy Perry is about to ride a giant metallic lion and dance with amiable-looking sharks and palm trees.  But what most people won’t notice in the Super Bowl year after year is the careful planning required to set up the halftime...

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Fitness Tracking: Healthcare’s Best Friend

At the start of January, most people subscribed to the common mantra: New Year, New You. But, now that the month is winding down, how many are still sticking to their goals – be it weight loss, general fitness, or just eating a bit healthier? As a provider or payer, how can you to bolster support and keep your population’s momentum going through the remainder of the year?…

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What’s Your Personal Brand? Manage Your Brand for Career Success

 “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss This inspirational quote from Dr. Seuss reminds us of the importance of being ourselves. This lesson from childhood applies to personal branding in the workplace today. In this blog post, part 1 of a 2 part series, I share my personal branding experience and explore the need for managing...

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Business System Complexities and What To Do About It

Business System Complexities and What To Do About It Business systems are complex, only becoming more complex, and as such the management of the associated identities has spiraled out-of-control for many Enterprise organizations.  Additionally, it is increasingly more challenging to protect the type of devices that access Enterprise data.  Over the years, this has culminated in business unit...

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Resolving Internet Explorer 11, Windows 8.1 and CRM Dynamics Compatibility Issues

With the latest release of Internet Explorer 11 (October 2013) several of my clients have experienced compatibility issues while using Windows 8.1 and working with Dynamics CRM 2013 Online.  To help them solve these compatibility issues, a few simple steps were put into place to quickly resolve their issues and get them back on track and working with Dynamics CRM. …

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What’s New in Tableau Maps 8.2?

Tableau’s recent release of Maps 8.2 brought a lot of changes to the existing map functionality. What were the changes and why do they matter? The most noteworthy change in Maps 8.2 was the complete switch of how the maps are being provided. Originally, Tableau used Urban Mapping servers to host all their boundary, label and data layers, meaning that if Tableau wanted to make a change in any...

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How to Authenticate Corporate Users on Any Device using Microsoft Azure

Web Authentication Overview Back in the day of IT, it was relatively simple to perform authentication and authorization with your corporate users. In a typical scenario, you would have your Line-of-Business (LOB) application installed on a server inside your corporate network. The application would be set to use Windows Authentication off of the organization’s Active Directory (AD) deployment...

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What Does a 360-Degree View Mean to You?

I recently posted a poll on the Dreamforce Chatter Community to better understand what data points were most important to create a 360-degree of respondent’s clients: I was surprised by the answers. Typically when we’re working with our Financial Services clients on a implementation, a 360-degree view of the client is centered around financial data: account balances, historical...

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