Using Leading Indicators as Preventative Care for Business Health

Typically, organizations rely on lagging indicators to measure and monitor performance. These metrics may present a picture of past performance, but they tend to expose problems after the fact, when the problems are more complicated and expensive to fixif they can be fixed at all. Leading indicators are predictive metrics that can help identify potential future problems and enable you to...

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Enterprise Collateral Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM), a Perfect Match

Many are closely watching the changing landscape of collateral management, especially due to implications within Dodd-Frank, EMIR and Basel III.  It is these three important reforms that added the E (for Enterprise) to the Collateral Management landscape.  The good news is that robust managed services and tools will rapidly come to market to help both buy-side and sell-side organization and...

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Embrace Changing Requirements and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Your competition doesn’t stop innovating while you are developing the latest version of your enterprise-class software. Why should your software development process? If you are developing software based on requirements written 6-12 months ago, you will be delivering a product that is a year behind your competition. In today’s competitive market place, this approach can doom your...

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