Is Sentiment Analysis the New Customer Insights Gold Mine in Banking? Part I

A common question asked by banking executives in the highly competitive commercial banking marketplace is, “Are we doing a good job serving our customers?”  This can be analyzed in two ways: “Are we doing better or worse than before?”  In other words, how do we stack up in comparison to our past customer experience and service? …

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Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM: A Commitment Tracking Application

Ports have commitments to a myriad of external stakeholders (e.g., government agencies, shipping companies, contractors) that hold significant legal and financial implications. At one of the United States’ largest seaports, a decision was made to centralize these commitments in a single solution in order to streamline compliance monitoring and give the organization an easy way to get a...

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Modernizing Legacy Applications Through Mobilization

Introduction With renewed interest in migrating applications to the cloud, the landscape of web applications is ever changing.  Even a few years ago, checking your web-based email required refreshing the page.  Now, Google’s Gmail automatically downloads new emails behind the scenes.  Facebook instantly shows you new likes and comments in your news feed and Twitter automatically injects...

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Top Banks Developing Centers of Social Media

Around 2010, many big banks went all-in in terms of their social media presence.  Social media strategy wasn’t something banks’ current marketing staff had the capacity to manage, and many opted to create and hire for positions like “Social Media Strategist” or “Online Community Manager.”  Banks needed people who understood Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media tools as well as...

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Salesforce for Advertising Sales: 4 Ways Salesforce Can Help You Track Advertising Effectiveness

All out of the box Salesforce packages include essential CRM capabilities, but what many don’t know is that Salesforce can be enhanced and adjusted to fit the unique business needs of a given industry or business niche. In this post, we’ll look at four specific ways that Salesforce can be tailored to help those in the publishing industry (more specifically, those focused on...

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Mobile Web Services – JSON/REST vs. XML/SOAP

As companies become more interested in exposing web services to get data to mobile apps, the question is always “what format should we use for the services?” It seems like JSON is the default most of the time lately – but larger companies often have existing investments in XML-based web services, or they’re using some enterprise web services stack, middleware, or ESB...

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Finding the Creative Spark

The Chicago Tech Summit was a one-day conference as part of Chicago Ideas Week that focused on sharing leading trends in entrepreneurship, web, design, data and innovation.  The day was spent with executives from GE, Etsy, Quirky, IDEO, Myspace, Lulu, Groupon, PayPal and Girls Who Code, among others, learning about their experiences and industry best practices. …

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Mobile Architecture Best Practices

When developing mobile apps, there are a number of key challenges where architecture and design are fundamentally different from that of a typical enterprise application. Careful consideration should be given to these mobile architecture issues early in the development process in order to mitigate the downstream impact of poor architectural decisions.…

Read More A Flawed Rollout but a Familiar Story

Tuesday morning on my way to the office, I saw this headline at the top of the front page of the Wall Street Journal: “Obama Admits Health Website Flaws“. If you read the article or scan related news about, you’ll notice a variety of reported issues. One sentence stood out as a personal reminder of some painful experiences: “the decision to require all...

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