The “Hot Sauce” Dilemma: A consultant’s cautionary tale of requirements gathering

Let’s set the scene – It’s 11:53 AM. Lunch has been coordinated (Chipotle… Yes!). The team is crouched over their computers, their stomachs grumbling for chips and gauc in the windowless client conference room. Everyone furiously answers emails, reviews business requirements documents, and creates this week’s status reports. I volunteer to pick-up the order – you can’t beat the fresh air and...

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A Shoppers Paradise, or Paradox?

There’s a widening gap between where digital technology is leading us and what many retail consumers are psychologically prepared for. On one hand, having our favorite brands recommend products, or allowing us to flow effortlessly between physical stores and online sites, or providing personalized offers, is preferred if not required to stay relevant.…

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