Cloud Privacy Concerns

In the United States, historically, there have been few laws on the books to protect individuals’ privacy.  With fresh examples of data breaches in the news, over the past decade there has been a fundamental shift at both the state and federal level leading to the adoption of new data privacy laws and interpretation of existing laws to provide for greater privacy over...

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Lessons Learned From the Cloud, Part Deux

Welcome to the second post in this series on lessons learned from cloud messaging deployments. In the last post, (dated May 29, 2012) we covered four lessons learned: defining requirements before you begin, monitoring the cloud service, cloud vendor support, and having servers on-premise even though you’ve gone to the cloud.…

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Lessons Learned From the Cloud, Part One

While there are many IT services that our clients can move to the cloud, messaging seems to be most popular.  Over a series of blog posts, we are going to share a few key lessons from cloud messaging deployments. Define your requirements up front. Get them clearly documented and then let them drive all of your decisions: everything from What security features do we require in our cloud...

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