Merge, Acquire, then Repeat

With all of the statements that have been made about healthcare this year, one of the most compelling we’ve heard came from Aetna’s CEO, Mark Bertolini, during the HIMSS12 conference when he decisively proclaimed, “the end of insurance companies, the way we’ve run the business in the past, is here.” The activity we have seen recently in the area of Mergers and...

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M&A Carve-outs – Achieving Payroll Readiness

One of the first questions our Private Equity clients and their Portfolio Executive team ask us during the final negotiations around Day 0 (sign) is how do we ensure we will pay our people after Day 1 (close)?  Due to legal and regulatory issues, the new owners are typically required to pay the acquired entity’s people in the first payroll period after close.…

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Manufacturing & Distribution: Don’t Overlook the Operational Due Diligence

When it comes to due diligence for acquisitions in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, private equity firms often underemphasize the value of a thorough operational review. Manufacturing and distribution companies face a variety of operational challenges and issues that create high risk for an acquirer. Conversely, it is possible to turn these same challenges and issues into tremendous...

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What’s In Your Deal Pipeline?

Do you know what deals are currently in your transaction pipeline? How long does it take you to gather and distribute a report to your transaction team? Private Equity firms are turning to the world of CRM to help automate and track these Deals. A Private Equity’s transaction team typically encounters the following four pain points when it comes to their deal pipeline: A team member...

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Healthcare IT Due Diligence: More Important Than Ever

Healthcare spending accounts for nearly 18% of the U.S. GDP, so it’s not surprising that the industry continues to attract billions of dollars in annual investment from private equity firms. Private equity interest in healthcare remains strong despite industry transformative pressures, reduced reimbursement and the uncertain impact of our evolving national health policy.…

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