Mobile Architecture Best Practices

When developing mobile apps, there are a number of key challenges where architecture and design are fundamentally different from that of a typical enterprise application. Careful consideration should be given to these mobile architecture issues early in the development process in order to mitigate the downstream impact of poor architectural decisions.…

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When all transactions become digital

Many new platforms have been created that I believe will eventually make physical money obsolete. Many things will change, but first I would like to consider how close we are to this becoming a reality. Certainly credit cards, debit cards, and direct deposit make cashless transactions accessible to the everyday user, but with digital payment there is no need to have cards or cash. …

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5 Elements of an Effective Mobile Strategy

Governance Without an effective governance structure in place, a “fly by the seat of your pants” mobile strategy could leave you with a cluttered and difficult to unravel mobile landscape, wasting developer resources and requiring all-too-common, costly re-platforming and re-work down the road – while at the same time providing end users with a disjointed and confusing user experience. …

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jQuery scrollTop and Android Browsers: A Work Around

Mobile web applications have taken huge strides in the past fews years and have quickly become a viable solution to cross-platform development. Unfortunately there are still a few kinks to work out, such as javascript rendering on different devices. jQuery’s scrollTop method on Android devices is one of those kinks. I ran into this problem at a client, and came across this solution.…

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Deciding How Far Back to Support iOS and Android

The last mobile app my team wrote for a current client was an internal app with an audience of several hundred to maybe a couple thousand. That allowed the client to easily dictate what OS versions we were willing to support. It didn’t make sense to spend a few thousand dollars trying to fix an issue specific to an old version of Android when they could potentially buy those users new...

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Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps

In an article I wrote last year, I described a number of different mobile application architectures including Native, Hybrid, and Web apps.  An architecture that was not discussed in-depth was cross-platform native apps.  For some time, it seemed that HTML5 and Hybrid apps were the only way to go for writing cross-platform applications – but sometimes you need to build a native app, and in...

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Insurance: Trends in Differentiation and Potential Impacts

With insurance carriers, TPA’s and benefits advisory firms racing to differentiate themselves from the fierce competition for business and talent, there are many trends that shaping up in the industry. Being digital by default: Many firms are offering their employees, customers, clients web and mobile applications to provide both transactional and analytical information to assess risk...

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Unintended Consequences of BYOD

You can’t pick up a trade magazine without reading about the pitfalls and advice regarding Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. While most organizations have not yet embraced BYOD for laptops, many have done so for mobile phones and tablets. In my experience, most organizations have focused their efforts during BYOD deployments on device security, regulatory requirements, and end...

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Mobile Security (Part 2)

Device security  Security at the mobile device layer is usually where the traditional IT security and administrative practices start to break down, and it becomes even trickier to uniformly implement when workers have essentially free reign to purchase and configure their devices as they choose.  As a result, a myriad of Mobile Device Management (MDM) suites have entered the market...

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