Mobile Security (Part 1)

​It won’t take an independent study or market research to convince most IT directors that mobile devices are now critical business assets. The “mobile workforce” long ago became the de facto workforce. For years, it seemed that the core issues affecting mobile security were device theft and company laptops being infected by malware on home networks and then being reconnected to a company’s...

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The Whole Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts – Part II

In my previous post, The Whole Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts, I began explaining why I feel organizations need to be aware of how they purchase, implement and maintain software in their environments by centering on solutions rather than a number of disparate point products. I explained that, if organizations evaluate their software implementations in this way, they are better serving the...

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SharePoint and Office 2013 Finally Get It: Offline Document Sync

Your company has just rolled out a shiny new SharePoint environment designed to enhance your day-to-day efforts with respect to collaboration and information-gathering. You finally have a place to go every morning to get your daily dose of Company updates and important information. Not only that, but the new document management features with Version Control will finally put an end to...

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Mobile Client Architecture – Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web apps

Of all considerations when developing a mobile app – by far the most important would be which architecture to choose for the client application. Should you build a native app or a mobile web app? Should you try to build a single application that works across all mobile platforms? Tough questions – and there is no one right answer or one best option for mobile app development.  …

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Biometrics – The Future (Again) of Payments

During the mid-2000’s start-up companies such as Pay by Touch and BioPay were piloting biometric payment platforms through gas station chains and grocery stores in the US.  At its height, Pay by Touch had several million users before the company crashed due to management problems.  The knock on biometrics as a payment vehicle has always been privacy concerns and the Big Brother...

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Mobilize Your UI

Mobilize your UI Tips for making your application’s user interface mobile-friendly Button sizes Users don’t have the same precision with fingertips that they do with mouse pointers.  So make your buttons big.  In fact, make anything a user has to tap on much bigger than you would on a regular web app. …

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Fixed Mobile Convergence – WMP-OneCall Saves Significant Telecom Costs

Costs associated with telecommunications services represent an operational expenditure that is sometimes second only to salaries in many corporations today. Traditional call convergence technologies give you the services that many companies already take advantage of: utilizing one number/one voicemail scenarios, follow-me roaming and simultaneous ring. WMP-OneCall takes this one step further...

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