E-receipts are fashionable at the mall but will banks follow the trend?

Wells Fargo was the first bank to offer emailed receipts at its ATMs back in June 2010.  In fact, yesterday, Wells Fargo announced that in addition to its email receipt option, it would now also offer a text message receipt choice for customers using its 12,000+ ATMs across the country. Wells Fargo is the first financial services company to offer this feature, continuing the e-receipt...

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LEED® : What it means to West Monroe and our employees

When West Monroe amended our list of corporate values to add Social Responsibility– the only time we’ve altered the list in our 11 year history – we began seeking ways to embed the new value as part of our culture.  A key question came to mind: how do we live out Social Responsibility everyday?  Around the same time, West Monroe outgrew our Chicago office space –...

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Supply Chain Revolving Around the Globe

Supply chain technologies are constantly evolving to keep up with the increasing globalization and complexity faced by organizations trying to manage their supply chains, keep costs down and maintain continuity in service and delivery. Many companies rely on a complex mix of spreadsheets fed by manual data entry and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; few of them use best-of-breed...

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The Energy Management System

Webster’s dictionary defines a system as; a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole.  It’s only been in the last 30 years that our day to day vernacular has associated the word system with a computer.  The same can be said for the phrase Energy Management System, just because the word system is embedded, it doesn’t necessarily mean that...

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