Simulating Retail – Enter the Customer

This past May at the IIE National Conference, we presented a case study about the challenges and benefits of simulating retail store operations. Simulation is a tool that utilizes a computerized model of a real world system or process that is run over time periods reflective of reality. It is a great tool for a company to test changes to its operations in a virtual environment, without...

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Is your outbound dock setup a bottleneck for your entire distribution operation?

Although there are many variables that influence the overall throughput of a distribution operation, one that seems to get overlooked often is the setup of the outbound dock.  Whether it’s a staffing imbalance or as simple as the method order selectors use (or don’t use) to stage their pallets, the outbound dock can have a negative effect on your overall operation if not managed...

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Ergonomics – Does it improve safety or efficiency, or both?

Ergonomics can be applied to any situation in which humans interact with equipment, processes, information, etc. Many industries can benefit from ergonomic improvements. A classic example of an ergonomic improvement is the use of handrails on truck exit doors in the delivery and field service industries. This placing of hand rails near the exit door of trucks helps to alleviate the...

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Internal Surveys: A Fast, Free BI Tool and 5 Simple Keys to Using Them Effectively

As evidenced by the proliferation of business intelligence tools and vendors, the pursuit of metrics and data is essentially ubiquitous to businesses of every size and industry.  Gartner predicts business intelligence software revenue will reach $13.8 Billion in 2013, climbing to over $17 Billion in 2016 (Source: CMS article citing Gartner).  Given the macro-level uncertainty...

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Is your warehouse productivity flatlining?

Manufacturers and distributors face increasing pressures to maximize efficiency in their warehouses. But how they do so varies greatly. Finding the right balance of processes, technology, labor productivity, equipment and training is an art form. Warehouse managers must integrate these components into a comprehensive strategy, something that is easier said than done.…

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What’s your strategy to reduce your labor cost by 10% without sacrificing quality or customer service?

Many banks use an across the board method of workforce reduction laying off a pre-determined percentage of employees across the organization based on arbitrary factors like shortest tenure. This kind of top-down strategy for workforce reduction is a risky endeavor and often leads to unintended results. Although across the board reduction is an easy strategy to implement, the only time it might...

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Using Leading Indicators as Preventative Care for Business Health

Typically, organizations rely on lagging indicators to measure and monitor performance. These metrics may present a picture of past performance, but they tend to expose problems after the fact, when the problems are more complicated and expensive to fixif they can be fixed at all. Leading indicators are predictive metrics that can help identify potential future problems and enable you to...

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IBA CFO Conference

Workforce Optimization: Improve Your Banking Operations Neil Hartman and Bryan Slepian will be presenting at the IBA CFO Conference in Springfield. Imagine being able to staff your banking centers with the right resources at all times without paying a minute of overtime. Imagine your customers complimenting the accuracy, speed and precision of your staffevery time.…

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